When setting up a website, the most important thing would be to pick a good web hosting company. The web host is literally the foundation for the website, without a good one, the website will end up running into all sorts of trouble and problems later in the future. Thus, picking a quality one is of utmost importance. However, cost is also a major factor in picking your web host. It is not always practical nor feasible to pick the most expensive or best web host because of cost limitations. Thus, picking cheap, but reputable web hosts would be the way to go.

If quality of web hosting is not of paramount concern, for example for personal blogs or other non-business related websites, then using a free web host would definitely be the best option. Web hosts such as 007sites and 0catch are among the better ones that offer free web hosting. While the free providers often are funded by advertisement banners and texts, they nevertheless offer a free service. Thus if you have no requirement for formal web hosting with 24 hour technical help then you may want to opt for a free service.

However, the free services may not always be the choice. There are many cheap web hosts these days, with costs going as low as $2.00 a month. It is prudent to pick the cheapest possible web host that is of suitable quality, however it is also wise to check for any additional fees. Most cheap web hosts charge a fee for the domain, as well as a fee for starting up and other associated costs. However, these cheaper web hosts provide better service with higher bandwidth and more web space than the free ones, which often provide a minimal amount of resources to their subscribers. However, the cheaper web hosts usually provide little more than the standard web space, bandwidth, and perhaps the occasional site builder or content management system.

The mid range web hosts would likely be the most suitable choice for anyone who wishes to have a proper website hosted. Websites like Host Monster and Blue Host offer cheap web hosting for just $5 and $6 respectively. This is a relatively minimal cost for top-end quality service. Furthermore, there are no start up costs associated with these plans if you opt for a 12 month plan. As expected, these higher end plans offer much more than their cheaper counterparts. With Host Monster you are entitled to various domain privacy services as well as technical help, site builder, and many more services. This obviously is ideal for anyone who wishes to set up a formal web site and yet keep the hosting costs low.

In any case, picking which web host you want to subscribe to would be a matter of personal opinion and website needs. For a low-end private blog the free web hosts would likely suffice, however for formal, nonprofit and even certain smaller business websites, the cheaper or mid range paid services would be ideal. The cheapest web hosting company is not always the best for the website after all.