A blog is a good way of expressing your thoughts and opinions to a world-wide audience. It can help you achieve your dreams by giving you a platform for you to write your experiences, your sadness, your life. Writing a blog has become one of the most popular past time for the  youth of today’s internet generation. With the widespread access to the Internet available to the youth of today, it is no wonder that they are beginning to harness the power of this global network as a stage where they can speak to the world. Blogs have become more than just a online diary, and they have become not just limited to the youth as well. Blogs of today, have become a valuable source of information, a social media in itself, a living for some even.

That said, having your own blog is not as simple as it seems. Having your own blog hosted on your own website, rather than simply on a free blogging service is not so simple. First of all you need to get a domain. A domain is the virtual address, or the URL, which your blog is located at. However, these usually come free with a paid hosting plan. Choosing a domain that is not too long, complicated, and easy to remember may be a tricky thing to do. A good method would be to simply use your name in the URL. While this may not seem like the most professional, it definitely is one of the better options if you have a personal blog where you are the only writer. It will also help to promote yourself as a writer in the blogosphere.

Picking a web host is not as simple as picking a domain. There are many web hosting plans and web hosts available. For a new blogger or web master, it is prudent to stick with the larger and more established websites rather than to try out a smaller web host and end up dissatisfied. Popular web hosts like Blue Host and Dream host offer a free domain as well as providing a blog program or site builder free when you sign up with them. The larger and more established web hosts may not offer niche services or customized packages but they are the best for a beginner web master as they are often the most commercialized. Picking a web host is difficult with the number of web hosts available in the market these days. Sticking with a tried and tested host may not seem like the most daring of choices, but it is definitely the superior one when you are just starting your blog.

Picking a publishing platform is also important. Some hosts like Dream host only offer compatibility with one engine: WordPress. However, between WordPress and Blogger, and even some other publishing platforms for blogs, there are unique differences. For example, WordPress has the most customization available to the blogger, with a vast number of widgets and plugins for you to use. Blogger on the other hand is less customizable but easier to use for the novice blogger and offers better services when writing. Ultimately the choice is yours to make between all the publishing platforms available in the market.

In any case, these three steps will get you swiftly on your way to starting your blog on a website. Following them will allow you to create a blog that you and your friends can view at leisure and talk and laugh about.