A forum is a vital and integral part of many websites. A forum provides the platform where members of the website community and even visitors can interact and discuss anything. Having a forum allows you, as a web master, to interact with your readers in order to help improve the website. It is a valuable source of customer feedback as well. Furthermore, by adding the opinions and views of a particular community, a forum also  enhances the content of your website or portal, and helps to build a loyal and strong readership on the internet. This is the singly most important thing that every website needs: a loyal following.

A forum is not only useful due to the fact that it allows people to communicate with each other in the internet. It also helps to channel useful information into organized categories in order to fuel the discussions occurring between various individuals. A forum is a focused platform for self expression. It gives the reader a unique stage through which he can bounce off his ideas with other similar, like-minded people. It is the sum of the collective consciousness of the members of that website: the internet equivalent of the metaphorical “village square” or “marketplace”.

Learning how to create your own forum is an important thing to learn if you ever want to be able to control one yourself.

There are many ways to create your own forum. There are even many different types of forums. The easiest method to create a forum is to simply use one of the many widely available forum creation tools off the internet. A simple Google search should turn up a few potential sources for such tools. Many hosting accounts have a program called Fantastico already installed which allows you to do a simple installation of many add on programs including a number of forum programs.

Creating with Fantastico is a simple endeavor, simply fill in the required registration form, and you will be taken to the dashboard where you can create and manage or edit your forum. If you have moderator privileges, which you do because you created the forum, you will also be able to edit, delete, lock various posts or threads that appear in your forum. This is an important job in order to keep the forum family-friendly, or to simply reduce unwanted spam or worthless posts.

With the advancement of the internet, creating your own forum is no longer a difficult task for any web master. There is no longer any need to work in code, or even complicated interfaces. Most forum creation tools these days also come packaged together with internet web hosting platforms, as such, you likely already have the tools you need to create your forum.

Making and moderating a forum is a tedious and daily routine, and it is often difficult and frustrating to weed out the trash from a forum where everyone can post on. However, it is most definitely a worthwhile endeavor; the benefits that you will see to your website will prove advantageous in the long run.