A picture speaks a thousand words, but takes up at least 4 times as much web space. Yet images are often important parts of our blog, our website and even our Internet experience. Finding a good web host for images is an important yet often overlooked part of starting a website. Even if you are not starting a website, there are many reasons why you would like to host an image on the internet. For instance, you may want to share it with someone else, and thus the internet can be used to share a photo album; all you need to do is to get a good web host for images. Images add flavor to any dull chunk of text, and can enable the web master to communicate on a level that goes beyond mere text. A simple illustration can often explain something far better than text can ever hope to. Thus, it is clear that getting a good web host for images is an important consideration.

What then makes a good web host for images? Apart from having a large amount of web space as well as minimal downtime, there is little that separates the various image hosts. A good image web host will have a large maximum image file size or no maximum at all. This allows you to upload larger images with higher resolution to share with others. With a better quality image the pictures that you share will also look better. Good image web hosts also host the image for a decent period of time, perhaps over 40 days. This is because you wouldn’t want to share a picture with someone only to find out that it is gone.

Here is a list of good web hosts for images.

FlickCabin is an image web host where you can submit your images anonymously and hotlink the images to eBay auctions, blogs, websites and wherever you need them. You do not even need to register in order to get the service. Being completely anonymous can often be a benefit when you are submitting and hosting sensitive images. With no maximum file size and bandwidth, FlickCabin is a good choice when choosing a web host for images.

FileAve is another popular image web host which provides a free image hosting service. FileAve gives free members a 50 MB image storage space and 150 MB Bandwidth per day. All file types are allowed on FileAve which allows you to host even streaming videos on FileAve. With a 5 MB maximum file size, you may be unable to upload certain files or images, especially the high resolution ones. However, the option to upload .avi, .wmp, in addition to the usual .gif, .png, and .jpeg image file types is definitely a huge advantage over other web hosts for images.

These are just two of the many available image hosts on the internet. Each host has a different selling point and different things they offer to subscribers. Search around for the one that suits your needs the most, after all, if the service does not satisfy you, you can always look for a new one.